Wednesday 23 February 2011

An Ode to Vincent Price

Vincent Price has to be one of my favourite actors, his voice and not to mention his suave and evil demeanour is fantastic. I could probably listen to him read my shopping list and still be enamoured. If you are not aware of Mr Price I encourage you to watch this, and even if you are watch it anyway. It is a superb performance (in two parts);

He was by all accounts an amazing man, he was an artist, an author, a consummate cook and a avid art collector. At the age of just 12 he bought a Rembrandt with the pocket money he had saved up, could you imagine being that sophisticated at such a young age? He should of been a leading man, but due to him being a lofty 6ft 4in he was often deemed to too tall for the Casanova roles. However he carved a unique career in Hollywood from films such as The Bat  to Laura, his work stands the test of time. Remember the quite dull I Am Legend with Will Smith? He starred in the original and far superior The Last Man On Earth. I recommend visiting the wonderful as there are a number of fascinating stories and photographs to be devoured. 

And how spectacular is his moustache?

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