Thursday 24 March 2011

Boudoir & Finds

Last Sunday I went to the Decorative Fair  in Wilmslow, I had it in my head just to have a look but alas I have no will power. I purchased this beautiful light blue 1950s day dress for £35, I adore the button detailing. To be honest I think me and the dress were meant to be, because I saw the exact dress last year at the same fair and had to prise myself away from it then and I could not do it twice. I have no idea what shoes to wear with it though?

Excuse the bad picture it's quite long and hard to photograph

I love me some buttons

I also purchased two hats, I need more hats in my life. This little 1940s feathered number is velvet, which I also adore, but shouldn't go near as I am clumsy (food wise I spill a lot) and it was only £8.

Checkout my leopard print throw, gotta have leopard print accents.

This is the other hat a snip at £12, it's 1950s sequinned gem and it fits nice and snugly on my head so need for kirby grips. I do think I need to buy brighter hats as black hats do not always stand out on my dark hair. 

I need a better camera...

I had to clean the make-up muck off before I took this
I thought I would show a few snippets of my room, above is my make-up shelf which I have put inspiring photos on and then placed glass over the top. It is an easy way to brighten up boring shelves and tables. 

My hall of fame wall

Hall of fame part deux
I do worry that all the pictures will fall on me in the night

Does anyone know how to get rid of the damn white boxes around the pictures?!


  1. That dress is so pretty and I love your Black and White room gorgeous.

  2. Thank you, I often think it needs more colour but it's good to keep things simple sometimes!

  3. fabulous finds and delightful room!

  4. Thank you means a lot coming from you with your impressive wardrobe!

  5. Thank you Hep Kitten that's lovely of you to say!

  6. the dress is gorgeous!!!! uiuiui what a great find! your bedcloths look very elegant too.

    and if the frames fall down on you, you can at least say you got hit by the dietrich.

  7. Thank you, would you believe I did not try it on before buying and it does not fit (on account of my large bust hah) so now it's just hanging in my room may have to sell it.

    Hah wouldn't that be wonderful 'i got attacked my marlene'

  8. hahaha! attacked by marlene and battered by marilyn. your room has a glamorous curelty.

  9. Funnily enough my bed has candle holders on it and it used to have church candles on it, until one fell on my eye/head and knocked me unconscious! needless to say I have gotten rid of the candles.

  10. Lovely dress! Perhaps you can wear it with some elegant shoes, like peep-toes or mary-janes with a heel? I love your wall of fame, it's definitely something I want too in my future home!

  11. Alas it does not fit, but thanks for the ideas. Yes it's really simple and effective way to decorate a room I would have more pictures, but I have run out of room hah.

  12. I'm sorry it doesn't fit! :( What are you going to do with it? Maybe you can alter it?

  13. I know I am so disappointed, I don't think so as there is not enough material to let it out, and I am not good enough at sewing to add some panels?
    May have to sell it, but at the moment it's a 'display piece' in my room, serves me right for not trying on I guess.