Monday 14 March 2011

Here's To A Long Hot Summer

I watched the film 'The Long Hot Summer' (1958) recently and I really liked it, I am very much partial to anything with Orson Welles in it, he along with Vincent Price could captivate me with a soliloquy on football (which I dislike). 

Orson Welles and Paul Newman having a natter.

And now I fear I have fallen for Paul Newman, oh my he is just lovely isn't he?! I have seen him in 'Cool Hand Luke' (1967) and 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' (1958) but his character in this is just so adorable, to me anyway. He plays Ben Quick, a mischievous thief who works his way into the wealthy Varner family. His beautiful co-star and off-screen wife Joanne Woodward also stars, as well as Angela Lansbury and Lee Remick and the aforementioned Welles playing the tyrannical yet ultimately kind hearted father, Will Varner.

Pillow fight?!
The film is superbly acted and the clothes are rather sweet, lots of cotton dresses, hair in buns with ribbons. Which had me daydreaming of summer which in the UK has been non-existent for sometime now, however we do tend to get a couple of days of sunshine so I shall continue to daydream or just wear my flimsy dresses with layers.

Love the detailing on the back of the dress and the coordinating hair ribbon

Adorable flower print dresses, chic bun and pink lemonade to top it off.

Me in one of my favourite summer ensemble's last summer


  1. oh, Paul Newman in his prime. LOVE your outfit!! Can't wait for the long hot summer either!

  2. Thank you! I know in need of a good picnic outdoors x

  3. Your summer dress is gorgeous! I haven't seen this movie, it sure sounds and looks good. I'll add it to my 'movies I still have to watch'-list :).

  4. Thank you, and it's all high street would you believe! Yes, you must watch it x