Thursday 17 March 2011

The Worst Witch

One of my idols or should I say aspirations when I was a child was to be a witch, mostly in part due to Mildred Hubble. Mildred was a young witch from the Jill Murphy books 'The Worst Witch', which was first published in 1974. The books centred on Mildred who is a young witch at Cackle's Witch Academy, far from being a perfect student she often gets into trouble for using the wrong spells. Murphy wrote the books based on her own experiences at a Convent in England. 

Oh how I wanted long plaits like hers!

Mildred in her dorm room sans windows with tabby her cat.

Mildred is terrible at maths and science (as am I), but tries her hardest to make her spells work. I have still  not shook my witchy inclinations, and love wearing pointy boots with capes and messy hair! Here are some Mildred Hubble style items:

Black Tall Witchy oxford Granny style boots 7.5B

Forset Symphony Tattoo Nylons

Vintage 70s cape

The Darkness Vintage Gothic Black Velvet Dress
If any of you have children or a child-like view on life I urge you to read the books. All above Mildred Hubble items can be found on etsy! 


  1. there was a wizard academy way before
    Harry Potter weaved his spells in Hogswart.
    Hee hee

    Always thought witches were wicked ol women
    with green faces who did nothing all day but
    "sweep" the skies in their brooms, boil the
    most horrid concoctions/spells imaginable and
    eat up young children.

    Nice to know that there are young, aspiring
    witches out there who fumble through life
    just like you and me.

  2. Yeah, give me Worst Witch over Harry Potter any day! I have always found witches chic hah x

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