Sunday 15 May 2011


The weather has gone back to usual for the UK, rain, so I have pulled out my trusty faux fur trimmed coat, which I do believe that Joan would of admired if she were around. I'm wearing it with my favourite leopard print boots, whose heels have sadly been worn down, as I walk like John Wayne. The red dress reminds me of a dirndl, I do have two vintage dirndl's but always feel it's slightly too costumey, even for me.

Joan in Furs

Rammstein Rosenrot 

I found the above video when I was watching my tenth Orson Welles interview, love seeing images like this.


  1. Beautiful dress, beautiful coat and beautiful you! You look lovely. That video is amazing, so enchanting. I want my hair to grow as long as that dancers. Thanks for sharing. x

  2. mmm, love that coat!!! Glorious video!

  3. That's a great coat. And I liked your comment about walking like John Wayne...I'm a heavy walker - I've been known to make shelves shake when walking on solid concrete floors. ;]
    -Andi x

  4. Kelly Marie: Thank you're so sweet, I know long fairytale like hair is always so dreamy!

    Baroness: Oh thank you. Glad you like!

    Andi: Thank you, hah I am so clumsy I could fall over in bed! x

  5. Lovely coat, it looks so nice and warm! The weather has turned cold over here too... The dirndl suits you, I don't think it looks costumey at all! :)

  6. Dial V: Thank you, hah it was some other dirndl's I was talking about but I am glad you like this dress! x