Tuesday 31 May 2011


The beautiful and inspirational Kelly Marie has tagged me, to answer some questions. So here it goes my petals!

Do you think you're hot?

Well in a word no, not hot, but I do like the way I look (not always) I have definitely grown into my skin now, I was very self conscious growing up. Being tall freckly, with big goofy, gappy teeth is not good. But I appreciate who I am now and am just glad I am healthy. Plus my boyfriend loves me so I must be alright.

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment

I am currently using my lovely sister's laptop, mine sadly passed away some months ago so all my inspiring images are on there, but I have been sneaking some onto her memory. This image of Ava has been my desktop background for a long time, I normally change them every week, but this picture is just so gorgeous it just keeps on making me happy.

When was the last time you ate chicken?

I flipping love chicken, up until seven years ago that's all I ate now my palette has matured some what so I do have the occasional red meat too.  

What songs have you listened to lately?

I am very fickle when it comes to music one moment I want metal next I want pop, I am eclectic (or erratic).

Do you have any nick names?

Hannah Spanner, Hannah Banana, Spam, Han, Sausage breath

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  1. To one freckly gappy toothed child to the other you are a very beautiful lady! :) Hope you had a lovely birthday xx