Thursday, 9 June 2011

My Birthday

We tend to go over the top with birthdays in my house, unofficially your birthday lasts a week, for example you can get away with: 'make my tea, it is my birthday week'. I love birthdays not just my own as I love buying presents.  I thought I would share with you some of the lovely treats I got.

My room is being taken over by my dvd collection

If you have not seen Submarine yet, why is this? I now have the soundtrack and the book on which the film is based on, the book is hilarious I recommend it.

Andrea Kett Cards and lollies from my 6 year old neice

I adore Andrea Kett's work, I have already posted about her here, but Ben finally got the hint and got me two of her greeting cards which I am going to frame and they came with a free postcard and tattoo, how sweet?!

Fiona Cairns cupcakes

Glittery cupcakes by my Mum

I love Sweet Williams

Beautiful beaded chest drawers from Matalan!
When I got back from Paris I had this little beauty will all my jewellery (believe me I have a lot) and scarves in, I love it, especially because I now have more room to buy more jewels hah.

Marvellous 'home' hooks to keep my hats tidy
And this cute little home sign with hooks, there's one on the otherside of the of the door too, I have been wanting to display my hats for awhile now as I hate things packed away out of sight, as I tend to forget what I have. 

My new lobster brooch

Poster from Paris


  1. Oh the cupcakes and that cake, they look delicious! And very pretty too. Lucky you :)!

  2. All those pictures look beautiful! The cakes look so lovely all laid out, I hope you had a marvelous time :)

  3. Happy birthday!! I hope you had a lovely celebration!
    And mmm, those cupcakes look so delicious!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies,I did have a great time, all the cakes have gone now. I think I am going to need to start exercising more after all this gluttony! x

  5. AHHH so lovely Hannah, looks like you were spoilt rotten ( as you should be on your birthday week)! ;) Love your lobster brooch. xxx

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (too late, but i thought i can make it up by writing it in capital letters)

  7. Kelly Marie: Thank you, I need to pick an outfit to wear my new brooch with!x

    Milingmai: Hah, the capitals do make up for it indeed x

  8. Happy belated! I know what you mean about DVDs - mine are taking over the entire house, just about. =S
    -Andi x

  9. Andi: I do believe you can never have too many DVDs though, or books or CDs for that matterx