Thursday 7 July 2011

Dressing for Daydreamers: Creating Personae Through Clothes

Well I did not expect to find anything at the Discover Vintage Fair at Victoria Baths, especially because there wasn't many stalls. However the first store I looked at I clocked a gorgeous 1930s evening gown, it was a bit tatty but still beautiful. I thought for a laugh I would look at the price tag, and when I saw it was just £30 I grabbed it, much to the amusement of my boyfriend and sister; 'Are you not going to try it on?' me: 'No I love it and I can just hang it in my room if it doesn't fit'. The stall owner knew she had priced it way below what it was worth but was selling it for a friend, it is so gorgeous. You cannot really tell but it is a light dusty blue, with gorgeous pearl drop detail, and pearl buttons.

I think I will have the Miss Havisham look for this dress, waiting for my beloved who will never come.

I have been after a slip for ages now, I am forever watching them on eBay but they are always a bit too pricey, but I got this lovely light blue one for £5, and this playtex bra for just £3, bargains.

I shall be channelling Maggie when I wear my knew under garments.

I have a penchant for canvas bags, particularly when I go on holiday so could not help myself when I saw this in the gift shop.

This 1940s dress is just so sweet, it is slightly see through but at least I have a slip now. It was £35 from the Vintage Emporium stall I also got the slip from them too, the ladies were lovely and informed me that they have a store in York, which I think I will be visiting soon.

This is how I plan to look in the dress, I do not want Ashley at all though, only Rhett.

I have still been daydreaming about getting an Edwardian day dress, and this 1970s dress is the closest I have to it now, it is too big but looks quite nice on, in a kind of creepy girl from a Japanese horror film way.

I will come out of your television, wearing this dress.

Have you found any treasures recently? do you buy things that you know you should probably not wear everyday? because I do.

All film images found via google.


  1. WOW! Super fantastic finds! I love the 30's and 40's dress!!!

  2. Oh Hannah what lovely finds, that first dress is SO beautiful! Such a bargain! I buy things I shouldn't all the time, I just brought a hat and bag off Etsy even though I know I can't really afford to. It's the curse of living in one of the most expensive city's in the world and being addicted to vintage. Craig has now banned me from Etsy until next pay day. Ha ha xx

  3. I LOVE the green 40's dress, score!

  4. Oh my god, I adore the white dress. Miss Havisham is one scary style icon but, YES, she had a presence in that film, a kind of strict Victorian chic that really makes an impression. Not only that but it can also be a floaty, 'ghostly' kind of piece with the right hair and accessories.

    The green dress is so Scarlet O'Hara :)

    Well done, great, affordable finds.

  5. That '30s dress is so divine!!! And what a bargain! The '40s gingham frock is oh so darling as well!
    I have to admit, I have an embarrassingly large collection of antique garments that are far too delicate to wear much, but they do look so pretty hanging up as art!

  6. the 40's dress is so cute. the color and the collar is wonderful. very nice fund.

  7. These dresses are stunning! I am in love with the first one; the lace is so romantic.

  8. Goodness, what finds! <3 The green dress is my absolute favourite! I love the ruffle detail!

    Lost in the Haze

  9. These dresses are so pretty! I love the green one!

  10. Debi: Thank you!

    Kelly Marie: Etsy is another downfall of mine, but I think life is too short to not treat yourself, within reason of course hah x

    Tea for Two: hah I am partial to a scary icon or two! I have already been parading about in my green dress pretending I am Scarlett!

    Dakota: I am glad it is not just me who buys things that are not exactly everyday wear, I just know I will appreciate them and love them that is my excuse any who. x

    Miss Twinkle: The colour is so unusual for me I hardly have any light green in my wardrove.

    Molto Fashion: Thank you I agree it is positively dreamy

    Jo: The ruffles did it for me, they are so sweet x

  11. Amazing, love the green one!

    your latest follower

  12. Oh dear, that first dress is an absolute dream. It looks very delicate. Lucky you! :)

  13. Hi Miss K, welcome and thank you so much for following! x

    Dial V: I know I am so lucky, I need more space in my wardrobe though hah x

  14. killer finds. Girl, you have great taste. can't wait to see you rockin these dresses, especially the minty 1940s dress.

  15. Thank you Crystal, I will be sure to share my ensembles soon! x