Sunday 3 July 2011

Working 9 till 5

What Would Dolly Do?

Well my petals I have finally got a full time job, I am very petrified about the prospect of starting, as I have not worked, accept for temporary and voluntary roles for just under a year. I made the choice of leaving the job I had whilst at university to try and pursue something more me, i.e. creative or at least not retail! This job is six months and it is in an office so I am panicking about my wardrobe some what, as I only ever really worked in places where you can wear what you want.  However I have purchased this skirt from ASOS recently, and am thinking a pussy bow blouse and heels should do the trick.

I am the kind of person who thinks you should put the same amount of effort (and money) in your work clothes as you do in your leisure. So it is going to be very interesting to see how I adapt my mad old lady style to fit in with 'smart casual', come to think of it what does that even mean, I am thinking perhaps tuxedo, but with trainers? a la Step Brothers.

I know I may sound shallow, but the way I dress is who I am, it is how I express myself and I hate having to water it down or conform, but that's what being an adult is all about? This is until I start making and selling more or open that cinema/bakery/shop I keep day dreaming about. How do you dress for work? do you have to adhere to any dress code, and does it may it easier or more difficult when selecting and getting dressed in the morning?

Joan does office chic so well

Mildred knows how to power dress

Eve Arden takes notes

Houndstooth suit a la Bacall

Am hoping I will be able to get away with wearing a houndstooth suit I own, then I can pretend I am Slim in To Have and Have Not


  1. I love dolly!

    check me out!

  2. Awesome blog! Especially like the film-fashion crossovers (I agree, mustard is great in all its forms). I'm trying to figure out how I'd like to dress. I'm not sure I have the guts to pull off vintage hats, but it's given me some ideas. Thanks!

  3. Good luck with your new job!! Joan Holloway is the ultimate office style icon, you can never go wrong copying her!
    I've only ever held extremely unglamorous jobs as I'm at University, I can't wait to have a job where I can actually wear skirts and heels, haha!

  4. Oh the never ending struggle! I love office wear now and then, but I think I'd also find it tough full time! Good luck with both the clothes and the new job!

  5. Hey! I am your newest blog follower! I love your blog! Right now I'm unemployed because I have breathing problems, but in general I think the best thing would be to incorporate some of your style into what's required for work. This way you won't be changing your outfit completely & it would still be okay for work. Best of luck!!

  6. Congratulations and good luck with your new job.

    Personally, I love dressing professionally but then again, I'm not in a really strict office. Basically, we don't have a dress code but I generally choose to wear what I consider office-style clothes at work, except when I sometimes just have the urge for casual. I like to have that distinction between work and weekend, and I do love the ladylike feel of being in "office clothes", mincing about in heels and pencil skirts!

    Mind you, my office clothes have been carefully honed to have some vintage sass rather than being dull-coloured, badly-fitted poly-blend rubbish... It did take me a while to work out how to balance office clothes with having your own style, but you're starting out on the right foot, with the attitude of wanting to spend money and care on your work clothes - after all you are there 5 days out of 7, so why would you not want to spend money and feel good in your clothes??

    Personally, specifically, I've now managed to acquire a good selection of respectable pencil and half-circle skirts - quite a few in bright, different colours so they're unique but not too over the top for office wear. And I also have a slight addiction to buying blazers/suit jackets in all sorts of interesting patterns and colours... As for tops, just the right pick of neckline or cut can keep looking vintage and interesting. And fitted dresses with buttons and collars, with cinched in, belted waists are good too!

    With all the above items I own a number of ones in polka-dots, hounds tooth, etc - generally acceptable when you pair them with something a little more subtle!

    And, importantly, styling your hair is always a good way to keep your individuality. When you think about it, vintage-styled hair is generally much more elegant and ladylike than just putting it up in a ponytail like so many women in offices do...

    Hope some of those thoughts are helpful... Didn't mean to get so carried away but, main point is, there's lots of potential for elegant and/or sassy vintage looks in the office!

  7. Thanks everyone for all your inspiring comments

    varjda: Thank you so much, glad you love mustard too! Yeah it took me a few years to get the confidence to wear vintage hats but I love wearing them now.

    Dakota: Thanks for the luck, Joan is just divine. You would look fabulous in anything!

    Rebeccak: Thank you for the luck!

    Life is Beautiful: Thank you so much for following!and the advice. Sorry to hear about your health problems.

    Miss Marie: Thank you for your eloquent commentary! Your work attire sounds spot on, think I need to invest or more jackets and tops. With regards to hair I need to be more adventurous, I normally just pin curl and do a couple of reverse victory rolls! x

  8. vintage suits and nice slacks are the answer for work attire. and then when the weekend comes, I usually go balls out and wear something loud and or ridiculous and or totally slutty. Congrats on your new job. Try and have fun.

  9. Congratulations! You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt and blouse, I think that combination always looks so smart. :)

  10. Crystal Lee: I think I will be definitely be notching up my eccentric outfits at the weekend now, thank you for the advice. x

    Dial V: Thank you, cannot go wrong with a pencil skirt very true x