Sunday 7 August 2011

You simply must see my hairdresser, I detest whoever does yours.

Hello petals, I would like to introduce you to my new hat Rosalind (I like to name my favourite items, for instance my bike is called Bogey, my laptop Betty, I am crazed), which I snapped up on eBay, I believe it is from the 1940s. I feel it is vital for me to acquire as many leopard print items as possible as otherwise I may have to change the title of my blog. I am wearing it with a recent-ish dress from Pin Up Parade, which was only £10 as the neckline does not sit right, but I loved the colour and length. 

I love Rosalind

Vintage earrings used as dress clips, as I am very resourceful

This is the look I will be sporting this Autumn, including rug.

The title of the post is a quote from Sylvia Fowler in The Women 1939.


  1. Fabulous, sassy outfit! And good leopard-print score with the hat.

  2. You look totally amazing! The outfit is sublime,and the hat is the icing on the cake!
    Yes,with a blog called Leopard and Lipstick you do have to live up to it! It's a hard call,but I'm sure you can manage it!
    Love that rug!

  3. very classy! The dress looks darling on you despite the ornery neckline. love the hat~

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You sort of remind me of the absolutely chic French tutor in Inglorious Basterds as well.

  5. Miss Marie: Thank you, I was very pleased with the hat and it was a right bargain!

    Helga: Oh thank you, I am so glad you understand that I MUST acquire as many leopard print related items as possible hah.

    Crystal: Thanks so much, yeah the neckline isn't too bad.

    Baroness: Thank you, and thanks her leopard print outfit in the restaurant scene is like my all time favourite!

    Young Vintage Girl: Thank you!

  6. Very elegant and classic outfit, I love the earrings used as dress clips. It's those litte details that make an outfit even more interesting :).

  7. Thank you, yeah I do think those little touches make all the difference, glad you agree.x

  8. You look fab! I love your new hat. =D And I love the idea of using earrings as dress clips - I should do that with some that hurt my ears.
    -Andi x

  9. PS I like naming my things, too. My ukes are Georgia Mae (that's the banjo uke), Suzi Q & Sugar Kane. ;]

  10. Andi: Thank you I am so chuffed with Rosalind, yeah these earring make my earlobes turn purple as they are clips on so I am glad I can wear them in another war. Hah love that you name your belongings too! x

  11. You look perfect! love the hat and the gloves and well the whole styling in general is amazing! loving the retro vibe.xx

  12. You must get the rug!!! I love Rosalind Russell, too. Plus, I just love the name Rosalind, anyway!