Wednesday 24 August 2011

Zoo Do You Think You Are?

The birthday celebrations continued on Saturday when we went to the zoo, I have been a couple of times before. I love animals and did actually try and get on a Masters course for Wildlife photography, but I was laughed out of the university. But wait till they see these shots, pure gold, Attenborough would be proud. 

Trying to protect my feathered hat from the schizophrenic summer rain. 

My new fella, he doesn't talk much, but I like the moody type.

I think they ran out of ideas? Would you believe there seemed to be more crowds round the plastic dinosaurs than the actual animals.

Times are hard but I have now managed to move into this new home, do you like it?

It is a bit hard to get up in the morning though. 

I am copying the bird's strut.

Check out my new prawn? earrings, courtesy of topshop. The dress is also an old topshop buy it cost £3.00 would you believe it, and the hat is from Paris, the jacket is a la Matalan. 

What did you do at the weekend? Do you like to impersonate animals like me?

P.S. I apologise for the title of the post, it was that or bear necessities, but my bear photo did not turn out well. 


  1. Oh, that was brilliant. I loved the one of you coming out of the dino-egg, your baboon boyfriend, and your prawn earrings. !!!

  2. Ha,I'm rather enamoured of your fabulous attire,perfect for the zoo.The new home may cause a little havoc with your hair,but it does look cosy.I love the flamingoes,I do a fair impersonation of them,I think,but am better at doing lizards.
    Yay for the Mexican theme,that's a winner.I do hope plenty of tequila was guzzled? Bandidots are my fave tequlia tipple.Mmm.

  3. Baroness: Hah thank you I was in hysterics mainly because there was another shell next to mine with a small child in it looking at me with utter dismay!

    Helga: Thank you, you are too kind! Yes I do think space is going to be a major issue. It was mainly cider that was guzzled hah

  4. Cute photos! Hmm dinosaurs... looks more like Jurassic Park! Your dress is beautiful, especially the neckline/front part! :)

  5. I love these photos, I often forget how much I love the zoo! That one of the three deers is very impressive indeed! You must have been the most glamorous person there too, beautiful hat and fur!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  6. Oh, mean university for stopping you from pursuing your dream! Well, you can always make animal photography your hobby and share it with us here.

    I was celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday last weekend! It was a lovely, cosy affair - went down to Poole and sat on the beach, watching the airshow just down the coast a little way at Bournemouth. Birthdays of loved ones are almost as good as having your own birthday - it's lovely getting to treat people and make their day special.

  7. Love the prawn earrings, first off. And the photos of you in the turtleshell and next to the "gorilla" are priceless. What a great birthday celebration!

  8. Whee! A day at the zoo sounds like such fun. And you look wonderful - love the earrings.
    -Andi x

  9. Dial V: Thank you I really like the front detail too. Hah yeah I could not help but think of Jurassic Park.

    Carys: Oh thank you, Zoo's are good fun. I was probably the worst behaved individual there!

    Miss Marie: It's okay I tried everything after graduating. My dream is to convert an old cinema really, and screen old films and new. Your celebrations for your grandmother's birthday sound perfect. I love other people's birthdays as much as my own, mostly because I like buying gifts!

    Lauren: Thank you, I have a penchant for animal/crustacean related jewels!

    Andi: It was great, and thank you are too kind x

  10. I love the color of your dress! ♥♥♥

  11. Aweome :) You look ridiculously chic. I love the earrings and the fascinator, but I also love that windswept one of you in the furry hood trying to avoid the rain.

  12. Miss Twinkle: Thank you I am addicted to green at the moment!

    Kelly Ann: Thank you I am such a clumsy thing so it is lovely to be described as chic!