Monday 3 October 2011


 Hello petals, hope you all had a ruddy lovely weekend, I certainly did. On Sunday me and my lovely went to Wild Wings  for a falconry experience. It was one of the best things I have ever experienced, I have always been an animal lover, I much prefer them to most people. These birds were just amazing, it was a privilege to be in contact with them, and the staff at Wild Wings were superb, so friendly and passionate. I thought I would share numerous photos, as my name tag just adds that right amount of quirky chic to my ensemble, combined with the different birds I feel it mixes up my look. I was completely inappropriately dressed, I thought it would be hot again, it was not! 

 Say hello to my not so little friend, Mumbles an Eagle Owl, he weighed about 6lbs but was worth the arm ache, so beautiful. 

The bicycle skirt used to be a dress, I feel very Parisian in it, or my version of Parisian. 

Buttons was playing it cool with me. 

This is Boo, a Spectacled Owl, I completely fell in love with him, he loved to have his beak tickled then would lean down to be stroked for the whole duration. Completely gorgeous! 

 Close up of Boo, my new love, and my actual love Ben. 

 Check out the snazzy glove, felt like I should have been wearing chaps too. 

 Miesha was another cool character, didn't mind being stroked but wasn't too bothered if you didn't, unlike my Boo.

 Hope was lovely.

Gizmo was adorable, the smallest and the feistiest of them did not like to be stroked. 

 Nova, a Snowy Owl was so soft, but very camera shy, I think she had just tried to fly off hence my crooked teeth on display.  What did you do at the weekend? Were you at one with nature like myself?

*Note I know they are not freebird's but I flipping love the song. 


  1. O!! I adore birds of prey,and have wanted to do this for ages! Jealous!!!
    That skirt is rocking my world!
    At one with nature? Nah,I was at one with a great deal of booze! Ha!
    Thank you for admiring my darling capelet!I've had it for over 25 years,I think it's 30's,and it is sooo soft!I'm a bit precious and don't wear it very often,esp if I'm drinking!
    Think you've got crooked teeth?!Check out my G's sometime!!I have a thing for them,actually!!!X

  2. What beauties they are! You look like you really had a lotta fun :D I slept most of the weekend..but I think I'm due for a nice walk to the beach some time soon..I have a wedding and a marathon to attend so that's nice..a reason to dress up - yes! A reason to hold up a cool sign - double yes!

  3. Oooh, what fun!! I wish I'd spent my weekend playing with birds of prey. (instead it was full of rain and textbooks) Your red ensemble is divine, but you are almost upstaged by those stunning birds! The little owls are the cutest things ever; I want one as a pet now, hehe!

  4. OMG check out teeny tiny Gizmo. Love, love, love. Also, I like Buttons.

    That skirt is awesome. :)

  5. Helga: It was amazing, if you ever get the opportunity do it! The capelet is gorgeous can understand why you are wary to wear it a lot. Hah I did have a brace but they went even worse afterwards! stereotypical British teeth eh! x

    The Retro Natural: Sleep I need more of that, wedding and a marathon sounds like you are going to be busy! A walk on the beach would be lovely.

    Dakota: It was brilliant, good lady for studying it will be worthwhile! And thank you I know I do not outshine the birds but I can live with it aha.

    Miss Tallulah: Very cute they are, Gizmo was so light, and thank you!

  6. Oh, wow, wow, wow! This looks like amazing fun!! I'm going to check out this place for sure. Would be a great surprise treat for my boyfriend's next birthday...

  7. Miss Marie: I thoroughly recommend it, if you were travelling up North to do it they are doing a groupon end of this month for a two hour session next spring, I am so doing it again!

  8. Wow! You cool is THAT!! This looks like quite an experience, and you're so tough! :D

  9. Wow what a unique weekend experience! I love owls, but I've never been that close to one. I didn't commune with nature this weekend--I stayed in a wrote a letter of recommendation for one of my British history professors. Plus, husband had to work Saturday, so the weekend was pretty uneventful! I'll just pretend I had one like yours!

    Speaking of British teeth, all of my cousins and I have overbites. I had braces to fix my crooked front teeth and I had an appliance (oh the mortification) for the overbite, but I'm not sure it really got fixed. What's funny is there are days when I notice it more than usual and yesterday was one of those days! I told Paul I felt like there wasn't enough room for my teeth and then he started teasing me about my "very British overbite." What can I say? My ancestors were from England and then came over here and married their cousins. We're lucky I don't have webbed feet and crossed eyes.

  10. What a cool experience! I love all the birds you've shown us. and your outfit is so cute. What a lovely skirt!

  11. Miss Margarita: It was fantastic, hah I was rather nervous at first must admit.

    Lauren: Your weekend sounds nice and relaxing. My overbite is ridiculous I have been told it suits my personality, basically I am goofy. But some of the best people had overbites i.e. Gene Tierney!

    Crystal: It was magical and thank you!