Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On the 1st Day Of Halloween My True Love Gave To Me

A severed head.

Hello ghouls and girls, I am doing a countdown to Halloween as it is pretty much my favourite time of year, at the end of it I will be also doing my first giveaway, as I am so chuffed that I have so many lovely people who like reading my jabbering.  This countdown is basically also my excuse to post spooky pictures. To get you all in the mood I shall be mentioning films, troubled gothic dream boyfriends, and what I would buy if I had an endless supply of money and a castle to decorate.

Bell Book and Candle (1958)
Has to be one of my favourite Halloween related films, in case you haven't seen it, it stars Kim Novak as a rather chic witch called Gil, who owns an art gallery. She meets a charming man Shep, played by Jimmy Stewart she casts a love spell on him, however trouble ensues when she realises she truly loves him. It also stars the wonderful Jack Lemmon and the charming Elsa Lancaster. Oh and her cat is called pyewacket, I want to call my bengal kitten that (when I get one one day hah).

I just adore the clothing Kim wears in this film, all slinky and chic. 

Dream Troubled Gothic Boyfriend
Has a penchant for wearing velvet smoking jackets and reciting poetry, it can only be the elegant and exquisite;

Vincent Price
You may have all gathered by now that I adore Mr Price, he was an intelligent, witty, passionate and not to mention a talented actor; he could do camp, horror, film noir, period drama, what's not to love? And I love a man that can carry off whiskers! 

The Witch
Today I will be channelling my inner witch, which means a cloak and a black cat, which I will have to acquire from one of the neighbour's perhaps.

The accessory
And what witch would not love these crow feet earrings prey tell? by Sweet Delirium on Etsy

Hope you all have a batty day.

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  1. Vincent Price's films are some of my favorites =)

  2. I'm such a loser,I haven't seen "Bell and Candle"! Have put it on my must see list!
    Vincent Price IS bloody awesome,and so versatile,as you say.
    Crows feet earrings? I really think you need those,they're devilishly divine!
    Fun! I'm starting to get some Halloweeny urges now....x

  3. Hep Kitten: I could watch him anything really, I love The Bat, it is so kitsch and low budget but it is great.

    Helga: You're not a loser, you just need to watch it like right now hah. Aren't they freaky yet cool? Halloweeny urges is what I have all year round hah.xx