Monday 24 October 2011

On The Sixth Day Of Halloween My True Love Gave To Me:

Six Vultures

Sleepy Hollow (1999)
I simply adore this film, the humour, the gore, the costumes are simply divine. It makes me want to wander around a forest on a horse, wearing a cloak, will have to just wander round the house wearing a cloak with two empty coconut shells, so I sound like a horse clip clopping. 

Marla Singer

The gorgeous Helena Bonham Carter is simply stunningly grungy and chic in Fight Club.

Dream Troubled Gothic Boyfriend
A vision like no one else, a penchant for stripey socks.

Tim Burton
I love you, do you know that? I copy your drawings, and wish I live in your house, Helena would not mind. 

The accessory

I would like these gift tags on any gifts all year round, I thank you.

All images via google, tumblr.


  1. Tim Burton really is a fucking genius! And wonderfully eccentric! His pairing with Helena is to die for! I love HER,I don't think Tim would mind if I moved in on,I mean WITH her!!! O,she has a fab wardrobe in "Wings of The Dove".
    OMG,"Ginger Snaps", last post,looks wickedly gory!Ick!X

  2. There is non other like Tim Burton! I love Sleepy Hollow too, it just has to perfect Halloween feeling in it. Need. To. See. It. NOW!!!

  3. Helga: He is indeed, I love eccentrics! Wings of the Dove I have not seen may have to amend that!

    Miss Meadows: There isn't is there? Yes I need to watch it this weekend I think!