Sunday 30 October 2011

On The Twelfth Day Of Halloween My True Love Gave To Me:

Twelve virgins to sacrifice 

Hello lovelies hope you have all been having a spooktacular weekend.  I have been watching some rather marvellous horror films, yesterday I watched Julia's Eyes, which has emotionally disturbed me in a good way and currently watching The Orphanage, think I need to break up the severity with some pretty Halloween related pictures. Tomorrow or Tuesday depending on time, I will be doing my Halloween give away, so stay lurking in the shadows.

Interview With the Vampire (1994)
Ever since I watched this when I was younger I wanted to be Claudia, and the costumes are so sumptuous in it, and was this the last time Tom Cruise wasn't awful?

Dita Von Teese
My what a lovely witch you are.

Dream Troubled Gothic Husband
Okay I have decided to take the next step, and I have chose Vincent to be my beloved forever. I am sure you will give us your blessing.

The accessory
I am simply batty so I do need this.

Images and gif found via google and tumblr.


  1. Hmmmm,I didn't mind Tom the Terrific Twat in "The Last Samurai",actually....I do remember there being loads of drama over him taking the Lestat role!!! pah! Those novels are simply wonderful,as is the Lasher series.
    You most certainly have my blessing re Vincent,I do declare it'll be a match made in heaven!
    LOVE that first pic,is that Mae West?? And that bat pendant is fantastic! I wore a bat pendant I got at Kensington Market to death during my Goth days,it was nowhere near as fab as this one!

  2. Yes actually he is rather good in that. I have never read the books, how awful is that?!
    So glad you have our blessing, we are currently scouting castles to go live in hah.
    Yes Mae West, I have wanted to recreate that jacket for a longtime. Oh I could totally imagine you rocking a bat necklace.xx

  3. I do love Interview with the Vampire...weren't they thinking of rebooting the whole series? I remember reading an excerpt from an interview with Anne Rice saying who she'd like cast as Louis but darned if I remember who she said...Just googled and she said that she'd like the rumours of a reboot to be true. Haha.
    -Andi x

  4. That would be brilliant if it was done right! x