Sunday, 9 October 2011

That Paris exists and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me.

Hello lovelies, hope you had a fantastical weekend, I did. Went to a chilli festival on Friday, nearly froze my toes off but was rather bemused whilst watching a chilli eating competition (there was no prize, just the pride of winning). On Saturday I watched Midnight in Paris, I really liked it, it was predictable, but charming, and I was thoroughly pleased with the small part that Gad Elmaleh had in it.  Also purchased some bargains at cow vintage (my boyfriend made me promise not to wear a floor length tartan skirt to his sister's birthday meal, apparently I am not 70) I have so many finds to show you but my camera has died so need to steal one so I can show you them all. In the mean time I thought I would show some snaps from last weekend when it was sunny and I was pretending I was Florence Welch. 

Midnight in Paris images found via google. 


  1. LOVE the pix,looking divine in that lovely frock & hat! I haven't checked out Florence's ass,but I suspect your man and I would agree that yours is waaaay better!!Ha!
    I'm usually underwhelmed by Woody Allen,but I must say this does look like an interesting film-lots of great cast members,making cameos I assume?? Owen Wilson seems an odd choice for lead? Gad was the sweetie in Priceless,I believe-loved that,such fun!
    I had you pegged as a cape fiend,o yes I did!

  2. Miss Tallulah: Thank you! a friend at work gave it to me would you believe, very lucky!

    Helga: Thank you my lovely! my ass ain't too bad I suppose, it wobbles when I walk but I think they should really! Owen Wilson was quite good in the lead actually, yeah Adrien Brody had to be my other favourite cameo.So glad you could see through my façade, I truly love a good cape aha x

  3. That dress! Pairing it with that hat is just perfect.

    I just watch Midnight in Paris last night, and I loved it so much! It makes me want to go to Paris right now! (And Hemingway was my favorite!)

  4. Why thank you, it kept the sun off me too! Oh yes Hemingway was marvellous, and rather dashing too.

  5. Ooo I just watched this movie the other day, isn't it amazing! I just got back from Paris recently so I loved it!