Sunday 26 February 2012

Can never have too many shoes, dresses, jewels, coats ....

 My room is slowly being taken over by my clothes, which I don't mind. Thought I would share my most recent purchases with you! The kimono was only £8 from the Vintage Village at Stockport which I went to two weeks ago. I am a stickler for a good kimono I always feel like an eccentric artist in them. 

The long light green dress with diamant√© is also from Vintage Village, and it was only £10! has a few marks on it but I still intend to wear it. A fellow customer found it most amusing that I intended to wear it even if it was just around the house. 

The green blouse I think is 1940s was from eBay, I adore the colour so bright! 


  1. Great finds! My room is also completely taken over by my clothes... they don't fit into my closet anymore. This means, of course, that my closet is too small, and not that I own too much stuff! ;-)

    1. Obviously it is your closet's fault! I need a house for my clothes I think hah xx

  2. Ooh, that dress is just lovely. Hope you can find a way to combat the marks and wear it outside the house. A lovely dress like that deserves to be seen by the world!

  3. So pretty!! I adore the diamante gown! I have too many '50s prom dresses and not enough of a social life, so very often I just wear them around the house, too; it's fun.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful finds. I LOVE a kimono, I always wear them to work because they are so comfy and let me move arond easily. Lifting mannequins up and down all day does not go hand in hand with beautiful and fragile vintage dresses. Your one is amazing, and that blouse. Such bargains, can't wait to see you in them. xxx

  5. I'm with Miss Tallulah! that minty frock is heavenly!I;d wear that to do the groceries!!!
    Awesome finds,though,that kimono is amazing!