Tuesday 30 April 2013

Embroidered two pieces

Well as I mentioned previously I hit charity shop gold the weekend after last. To be fair the dress on the left is from eBay but had to share it! The gold 1950s two piece cocktail ensemble reminds me of Betty Draper, the hand made grey embroidered dress and jacket is just so pretty. way too woolly to wear at the moment though and the pleated mauve number is so Audrey, I tend to associate all my purchases with people or films.

Also grabbed a perfect little Wednesday Addams style black dress, barely pictured as didn't look great on camera but I have it eyed up to go with all my frilly 1930s collars! The gingham skirt I was going to wear for Lana Del Rey (its asos via eBay) but cannot get my junk in it, massive on the waist and cannot zip past my bum pfft, the flowery skirt was the cheapest at £3.99 and the hound stooth skirt is just perfect for work also get a scarf and an old biddy bag. The most expensive item was the two piece cocktail ensemble at £14.99, its a standing joke with anyone that knows me when they compliment me on clothes I have to blurt out how cheap it was, its a self defence mechanism for having so many clothes!


  1. Holy shizzer, you did strike gold, darl!
    I love the golden yellow two piece the best! Can't wait to see you rock that!
    I'm always very proud of my bargains, and indeed, that is how I come to own so many clothes.......shoes/handbags/hats....blah, blah.....
    Goes to show how rewarding a budget can be! XXX

  2. Re blurting out the price - I'm with ya!

    Such amazing finds - can't wait to see them in action :)


  3. Wow, such nice finds!! The beaded grey set looks quite old with those snaps!
    I also respond to compliments with blurting out the price, hehe! It's an art, and we should be proud! ;)

  4. I do the same thing with prices! I usually get a 'but it's still nice!' response when I'm actually proud of it being cheap ;)
    And, wow, what great finds. Beautiful.