Monday 30 September 2013

The Sterling Sisters

I discovered The Sterling Sisters last week and I am fricking hooked, post punk alt country? Yes please. The line up consists of:

George Cessna - vocals, guitar 
Scout ParĂ©-Phillips - vocals, bass 
Andrew Haas - banjo 
Nicole Rodrigues - violin
Corey Hughes - percussion,drums 

Scout's operatic voice paired with George's is just gothic country perfection. The imagery their music evokes just has me weak at the knees. My favourite song thus far has to be 'red,white and beauty' - go listen now. Meanwhile let us lust after Scout's amazing barnet and clothes. 


  1. OBSESSED. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. They are really good! I have enjoyed listening to the album on their website. Shame you can't seem to buy the album here in the UK though.

    Thanks for sharing as I love finding new music and bands!

    P.s Love your blog and your style.

  3. Thank goodness I have you to introduce me to new stuff, or I'd really be missing out!
    That woman is a BABE, almost as hot as Tracee Mae Miller! XXX

  4. Oh wow! I really dig their sound. Thanks for this post :D