Saturday 30 August 2014

Holiday Snaps: Croatia

Is anyone still there? Apologies for my lack of blogging but life has certainly being throwing some turd my way of late! Any who, I had a two week holiday in mid August first week Croatia and then a few days in Amsterdam. It has been complete bliss to only worry about what national heritage sights to peruse.

Croatia is such a beautiful country, the people were so warm and friendly, and boy was the weather hot. I managed to not get burnt, which is always something of a miracle, just a lot more freckles.We stayed on a little touristy island called Okrug Gornji it was very beautiful and a short boat trip to the beautiful Venetian style island of Trogir, which I just simply adored. With its winding little streets and beautiful church it was a definite favourite. 

We also went to Krka National Park, which was something of a touristy nightmare I'd been informed it would be suitable for my Dad who walks with a stick but 250 steps down with hundreds of people trying to rush past is not very realistic for people who require a lil extra assistance! Nevertheless it was indeed very gorgeous sight, I particularly enjoyed the nuns admiring the views!

Hope you are well

Inca helping me with my packing

Vampyr in a bikini

Idiots on a hammock

Looking like a picnic

I got crabs!

It's important to match your snacks to your bikini

 A friend I made

Look my eye was there!


  1. Looks great. Makes me want to go! Love all your clothing choices, you packed well!

    1. Thank you mon ami, I did pack rather well for me! x

  2. Croatia looks gorgeous and so does your holiday wardrobe, colour coordinated snacks and all! xxx

  3. That last pic is magic! I have a thing for nuns.
    Feck me, you are the most gorgeous tourist! Love all these pix, I've been hearing nothing but AWESOME about Croatia for some time.
    Darling Inca, she must have missed her Mama! XXX

  4. Aha me too! Felt they were spoiling there gear with the accessories mind!
    You're too bloody sweet to me xxx

  5. Your holiday looks beautiful! I'd love to visit Croatia. Your holidays outfits are all marvellous, especially that orange bikini and the yellow playsuit! X