Monday 25 April 2011

Adèle Blanc-Sec Style

Watched 'The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec' (2010), and I completely adored it, it has everything I love; fantasy a great heroine, gorgeous clothes, mystery, magic and Paris and it's directed by Luc Besson, so cannot go wrong in my opinion really.

Adèle using the phone in a car
Adèle and her sister, Agathe in their sporting outfits

Adèle, a master of disguise

Looking chic on a camel

Love this outfit

Want a coat like this

I am now currently channelling the Adèle Blanc-Sec look, and have created a treasury on Etsy in homage to the comic book heroine. I think I definitely need to get the scarab necklace, its gorgeous!

Today I have created my own homage to Adèle Blanc-Sec with pieces from my own wardrobe: 

Hawk ring from ebay

Bracelet from Gibraltar, which I have had since I was 7

Pinned up my hair

Magical necklace to store potions/perfume

I just saw a mummy!

Lace up booties

Me and Eric, my toy poodle

I perhaps take my love of film further than most, but I love getting lost in magical worlds! Louise Bourgoin, who plays Adèle Blanc-Sec, is perfect in the role, she is charismatic, independent and intelligent. The film features some fantastic actors Mathieu Amalric  (James Bond) is unrecognisable as  Dieuleveult, playing Adèle's rival.  As well as Gilles Lellouche, who plays Inspecteur Albert Caponi. So what you waiting for, go see it now!

Adèle and Dieuleveult

All screen shots found here


  1. I love your Adèle look !!!

  2. Ahhhhh, you have channeled the look PERFECTLY. You are so so gorgeous. Love it!!!

  3. Solenn: Thank you, glad you like it

    Baroness: You are too sweet, thank you!

  4. Wow your dress is divine! It looks so delicate. I really love the whole look, I think you've done a great job and the accessories are perfect! I always get inspired by movies too, I haven't seen this one yet but the costumes sure look amazing...

  5. Thank you, it's actually a high street purchase, but I loved the material and Edwardian look of it! Watching genuine Edwardian dresses on ebay, but they are out of my price range hah. I am a bit of an accessory fiend so that means a lot to me! Glad I am not the only one who takes films literally sometimes. You should see it, it's so sweet x

  6. Oh, wow, you look great! I just watched this film the other night and ADORED it. =D I really love a film with a strong leading woman who doesn't have a love interest. So refreshing.
    -Andi x

  7. Thank you Andi! It'a fantastic isn't it?! I know I hate it when films add gratuitous love stories x