Friday 22 April 2011

Hot Voodoo

Wow the weather is still nice and it's a bank holiday in the UK, this is almost unheard of, you would think I would be making the most of it. But no, I have been crafting away today in doors, as I am in dire need of actioning  all the ideas I have. As I am determined to work for myself one day, nothing big I just want to buy an old cinema do it up, screen old films, world cinema and independent films, with a shop to sell my wares and vintage of course, oh and a bakery. So you know I need to start saving up...

1950s pale yellow dress, which is covered in holes and marks but  I still wear it. Bought it from a fantastic vintage shop in Totnes, Devon, however the owner must be one of the most miserable shop owners I've ever met, but yeah she did give me free feathers because I spent so much in there, so she couldn't of been that terrible I guess

I do amuse myself, note miscellaneous blank of wood, you never know when you may want to play walk the plank pirate related shenanigans.

Office 1940s style shoes love them so much, and they are so comfortable.

This is my favourite handbag, and not to brag, but I own a vintage Chanel and a Vivienne Westwood, but this 1950s number is still the one I use everyday nearly. And it has vintage newspaper lining at the bottom, how cute?! Hope you are all enjoying the Easter break, I will leave you with Marlene.


  1. Gorgeous dress and shoes! Your plans for the future sound great, I would love to own a cinema and a vintage shop too! A girl can dream...

  2. Dial V for Vintage: Thank you! It would be wonderful wouldn't it? got to have goals in life hah x