Tuesday 27 September 2011

Who Lives In A House Like This?

Being a major geek when it comes to films and having the up most admiration for Guillermo de Toro I have been looking for a video of his second home, Bleak House, where he stores all his memorabilia from his films and ones that he loves, I finally found it and had to share it, in case any of you are also interested (geeks). This is the kind of house that I want to have, I am anything but a minimalist. 

Mother in Law visits. 

Not fed the guest for awhile 


  1. oh how cool, I love him. What a crazy house--interesting in a mega-geeky way!

  2. Drool! :) Ha! I love Gogol Bordello, have you seen Wristcutters? Not only does it have Tom Waits in it (gah!) but a character is based on Eugene Hütz! :) It's an amazing film! Hope you are well! x

  3. Hexotica: Yeah it looks fascinating would love to spend a week in there.

    Zoe: Yeah, I must admit I don't know a lot of their stuff but love that song, yeah the film is good!

  4. Are we the same person? Haha. I'd love to have a house like this, too - I need where I live to be full of things!
    -Andi x

  5. Hah sometimes I wonder! I have so many things I need to have my own place as I just want it to be like everywhere you look there is no place to even put a drink down aha