Sunday, 25 September 2011

Start Wearing Purple

  Hello lovelies, here is some new garments I had to share with you, the dress is from Etsy, a 1940s rayon number covered in grapes, I had it in my favourites for sometime and then one morning before work decided to grab it, so glad I did, haven't really stopped wearing it, it came with the original label, which is the kind of thing that gives me a kick. I want some grapes for my hair now. 

 I am slowly running out of poses.

Purple pretty polly tights with diamanté seam, oh yeah I am glamourous. 

At this point my beloved told me I would never make it on Britain's Next Top model, charmed I am sure.

The coat is a charity shop find, it is about 3 sizes too big but that never deters me from buying clothes, it was a cracking bargain at £7, anything with a fur trim and I am sold. 

These old biddy (grandma chic) style shoes are from eBay only cost £6, thought they were quite 40s inspired. This is probably the first time I have worn all similar colours, I never coordinate, I find it a sign of weakness. 

 Do you wear a lot of the same colour altogether? are grandmas your style inspirations too? Hope you're all having a fantastical weekend. 


  1. Hahaha,"next top models" are bloody stick insect morons anyways!!!
    Um,I do fairly frequently wear the same colour,I blame my mother! I try and push myself to clash things up,and I love it when I manage it,but it doesn't come naturally!
    Adoring this new frock of yours!So pretty,I can see why you barely take it off! The tights are indeed tres glam,and the old biddy shoes are divine! I love granny style,and I am often admired by grannies!I saw the shorts for some dreadful old American comdey on tv last night,and the only thing that made me prick up my ears was a dear old granny with a heidi hairdoo,a multi strand beaded necklace & matching earrings,with a Chanel-ish suit....I could almost watch the film(Parenthood)just for her,except Steve frigging Martin gives me the shits.
    Fab coat too,and your vintage beauty always makes me frisky!(esp eye rolling first pic!)

  2. the tights are amazing! i'm after one with seams on the back myself.

    & the coat looks lovely too :)


  3. It looks gorgeous! Love the waist line.

  4. I cannot believe it. This was on my "to-buy" list on payday... and when I went to purchase it was sold - TO YOU! Nice to see it again and it looks gorgeous on you.

    PS You have wonderful tatse. ;)

  5. Haha, I've definitely run out of poses! I look the same in nearly every photo. Oh well. I love this outfit - looks great. And LOVE Gogol Bordello. I got excited as soon as I saw the title of the post.
    -Andi x

  6. Helga: aha precisely, I think you do wonderfully mixing colours and prints malady! Heidi hairdo and chanelish suit sounds divine. And thank you what can I say exorcist style poses are my forte.x

    Lady liquor vintage: Thank you, they were rather cheap too!

    Moonstyle: Thank you

    Hexotica: Thank you, I added some lace black lace as the belt is missing.

    Miss Tallulah Porkchop: Oh no I am evil hah, we both have wonderful taste!

    Andi B Goode: Hah glad we share the same problem, and thank you. I only know a few songs but love this one especially x

  7. Oh, that dress is gorgeous!! The print looks darling! The fact that you got it with original tags makes it even better. And awkward posing or not, you still manage to look so pretty!

  8. Great finds! Smashing dress. I hope you find some grapes for your hair.

  9. Dakota: Thank you,the print is marvellous I have agree, hah thank you, you are sweet!

    Crystal: Thank you lovely, yeah I am thinking eBay purple or green, decisions are hard.

  10. I love the seamed stockings.

  11. hahah, grandma chic, I have a few pieces that make me think that myself :D I adore the purple! those tights are wonderful too. I love that you have fun (and make of yourself) while taking photos, adds that much loved bit of humor!

  12. Jess: Thank you!

    The Retro Natural: Grandma chic has always been a favourite of mine, yeah I try not to take myself too seriously, I don't want to bore people hah.