Monday 10 October 2011

Style Icon: Anna May Wong

Okay, I have posted about the exquisite Anna before but felt you all needed some more pictures of her. Her style was impeccable, she was so elegant almost feline in her performances. She was innovative and beautiful, and is a constant inspiration, I once cut my hair short at the front when I had a fringe just so I could pretend I was as cool as her, I am fascinating. 

If you can sit through the horrific stereotyped racism do stay around for the clip of Anna around 8.50 in, discussing traditional Chinese fashion. 
Majority of images found here.


  1. Thankyou Hannah! And thanks so much for this post, what a beautiful selection of pictures! Her eyes are bewitching! I hope you are well pretty lady! xxx

  2. She certainly is beautiful and stylish... such a shame for all the typecasting, but I suppose she wasn't alone in that.

  3. Zoe: Tis my pleasure lovely, she was postively bewitching, and I am doing well thank you, hope you are too! x

    Emily: Glad you agree, yeah she tends to get a bit of flack for the roles she played but that was all that was offered to her.

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