Thursday 13 October 2011

What Would Dita Do?

Flipping loving Dita's hair here, once I do my roots I am totally rocking this look, around tesco. I love it when Dita wears black, I miss her goth Marilyn days (controversial I know). 

And this coat is amazing, I need one just like it, look she even looks amazing next a bag of dog poo. Have a gorgeous day petals. 

Images via pocket venus


  1. Gah, this is tempting me to throw in the towel with going red and just go back to blue-black. Sigh.
    -Andi x

  2. I have that make up mostly everyday, but thta hair I never make, cus my hair is longer then her :)


  3. This is almost enough to make me dye my hair.
    Dita- so gorgeous and oh so glamourous.

  4. dita is one of the few today's celeb people that don't piss me off after a very short while, but i could surround myself with pictures of her all day and would feel nothing but appreciation.

  5. I saw those pictures on Pocket Venus yesterday, and nearly drooled all over my computer. She looks STUNNING in that dress! PS: Whenever I have no idea what to wear in the morning, I ask myself "What would Dita do?" and usually those are the days I get complimented on my ensemble haha

  6. Yep,you could totally rock that hair!
    She IS wonderful! xxx

  7. Black Pinafore: couldn't agree more!

    Andi: I have been contemplating other colours, but Dita always reconfirms my love of raven hair.

    Immortality Passion: Wish I could do my makeup as well as this! thank you for following!

    Miss Twinkle: I knew you would appreciate some Dita!

    Ginger: Oh so glamourous definitely she has inspired me since I was fifteen seems crazy that she has been around so long now.

    Milingmai: Hello stranger! hope you are okay! Yeah I never get sick of her. I want to live in her closet.

    Wrecking Belle: I know I need a dress like it, that is an excellent motto indeed hah.

    Helga: Thank you my lovely, and she is indeed. xxx

  8. I know what you mean...Wouldn't mind looking a bit like her...And owning everything in her wardrobe(s)... :)

  9. Yeah her wardrobe is amazing,she needs to do a book on her wardrobe x

  10. omg, I miss her goth marilyn days too! DGAf regarding Marilyn but jeez louis did she look HAWT throughout that period.

  11. Coco I am glad I am not the only one that loved her Gothic era! x