Monday 28 November 2011

“If you find the truth within you, it will save you. If you ignore it, it will destroy you

To continue my obsession with Cracks (Eva Green) , on Saturday I decided to dress like Miss G, complete with a man's navy sweater from Paris, obviously I got that when I had a passionate affair in the 20s (vintage shop Paris), a 1940s Chinese style jacket, found in a treasure chest on the way to the Congo (eBay) and trousers from topshop (I do time travel) and shoes from an African Empress (office). Sometimes I think I put too many items on at once, as I love most of my clothes and would ideally like to wear them all at once, I am a Gemini, my mood changes like the...

P.S Check out my mums new chest drawers, nice. no?


  1. Ooohhh... that jacket, those shoes, that hairbrush!

  2. I fairly recently watched Cracks,and really enjoyed it! Miss G's wardrobe is enviable,and I do declare you are channelling her rather well!Yay for time travel! X
    O,those drawers are sleek!Love the mirror!

  3. I love the furniture the mirror looks great! I really like the french vibe in your look! For me is like: French lady having tea in Hong kong look ;)X

  4. Miss Tallulah: Glad you like.

    Helga: I thought it was really good, I could watch Eva in anything though' time travel would be awesome could get so much more for my pennies.

    House of Pinheiro: Thank you!

    Sarah: Thank you so much.

    Clairemaxwell: Me too, stripes are my favourite next to polka dots.

    Victoria: Oh thank you, French lady having tea love that idea! x

  5. love it!!

  6. The chest drawers are nice.You seem to be in love with your favorite clothes:)
    Check this if you want -
    Your Style Personality
    Are you a fashion misfit or the best-dressed person around?

  7. Oh I love your chinese jacket, which reminds me I have a similar green one waiting to be altered... I must find the time to finish it :).

  8. lucia m: thank you

    ME: Thanks! yup do love my clothes

    Dial V: Thank you, oh I want to see yours!