Sunday 4 December 2011

Wearing a Picnic Blanket

 Oh hello petals, how the devil are you? Do you like my pendelton £3 skirt (picnic blanket)?, purchased it a good few months ago, my sister did threaten to disown me when I picked it up, saying something to the effect of 'that's so wrong, you are not seventy'. But after watching Coco Before Chanel for the second time I was inspired to wear it. Also I am wearing it with my second pair of shrimp earrings (I am very much partial to topshop jewellery) and a 1950s arrow brooch.

Coco before Chanel images via tumblr


  1. I adore that movie! Amazing dress!

  2. You look lovely and it sure does not look like a picnic blanket! And oh, you have an arrow brooch! I've been wanted one since I saw a lady wearing one in 'The Strange Love of Martha Ivers'! :)

  3. Ah, the beloved "that is so wrong, you are not seventy" comments. Correct, we are not seventy but that is what makes our clothes so right. If we were seventy, we'd look like we'd not changed styles since our youth but still being young, we can get away with whatever we like. And you certainly get away with that skirt, and then some... i.e. you look fab!

  4. You are looking really rather gorgeous!The skirt is scrummy,lovely line and print.There's always an opinion!Some good,some bad....I'm all for dressing like a 70 year old!
    Your earrings rock!And that movie was fabulous,but then anything Audrey touches generally is!

  5. Angelique: It is a beautiful film.

    Dial V: Oh thank you, I did feel nice in it even though it is rather grannyish, oh have a look on eBay and there is one in the sale on ASOS.

    Immortality Passion: Glad you do!

    Miss Marie: Hah it seems I am not the only one that get's such comments? and thank you for the lovely compliment x

    Helga: Thanks my dear! Me too I always find older people more inspiring, I fricking love these earrings I would wear them in bed if they weren't so bulky. Oh j'adore audrey! x

  6. I am loving the skirt! Great fashions in the film, I agree.
    I get the same comments by the way, from family and close friends. It doesn't put me off. I say to them: "that's lucky then, I won't have to buy other clothes when I AM 70!"

  7. I do love that film, she was such an intriguing lady.

  8. Garofit: I want to dress like a fisherman for the rest of the week hah. That is very true I don't expect my style will change much in my later years!

    Rachael: It is a wonderful film.

    Miss Tallulah: Umm not sure what you mean hah

  9. I think the skirt looks gorgeous.

    Have to admit I haven't seen Coco before Chanel but having seen those pictures I've just gone and added it onto my wishlist. :-)

  10. I do love your skirt--what a deal! And the shrimp earrings! To-die-for. Oooh and I really enjoyed Coco avant Chanel. I would definitely watch it again!

  11. Rachel: Thank you, oh you must see it!

    Lauren: Thank you I know cracking bargain! I have already watched it twice I cried both times I am over emotional or perhaps just sentimental!