Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lovely London

Last weekend me and the fella went to London for his birthday, we stayed in Kings Cross in a Tune hotel, a room with no windows would you believe, it was only £35 a night. So we weren't expecting much but it was clean and modern and most importantly air conditioned, it was bloody hot whilst we were there! I would definitely recommend the hotel for those on a budget, who prefer to spend their pennies on macaroons! 

This was my ensemble for the first day, I wore my Mexican skirt, men's vest and favourite straw hat!

Oh and Sid my 1930s celluloid seagull brooch

First place we went to was Ed's Diner a wonderfully kitsch 1950s diner right outside of Euston station, I had a chilli dog and a root beer float, as I was pretending I was in How to Marry a Millionare.

Most of my pennies were spent on food, we went to the Mexican restaurant Wahaca three nights in a row, it is brilliant in there, reasonable, bright and tasty. It got a bit embarrassing when the waitress recognised us, oh well we had to make the most of it. 

Ladurée was a must, I just love how special you feel when they put those little morsels of joy in the beautiful box and bag.

My favourite place though was Byron, where I neglected to take photos of my divine spinach and tomato mayonnaise chicken burger with courgette fries.

The Victoria & Albert Museum is my favourite museum ever, I feel at peace in there, as sappy as that sounds. I just adore wandering around all the amazingly fascinating exhibitions, especially the fashion and sculptures. I want to go back in October for the Hollywood Costume exhibition.

Sorry if you follow me on instagram, you will have already seen these images, I neglect to use my actual camera!


  1. O,so happy you had a great time!
    Making a mental note of the bargain hotel!Might need that!
    Great pix,food and frocks,there's nothing more important!
    You look fabulous in that boater!XXXXXXXXXXX

    1. Thank you, it really was marvellous. It was a proper bargain and really convenient! I want to go back just for the food alone aha. Thank you lovely xxxxxxx

  2. So glad you guys had a lovely time. It was so hot that weekend, you must have brought it with you. :-)
    I feel like that about the v&A too, it's my London safe haven. xxx

    1. Thank you for all the recommendations! Hah it was way too hot for us, cannot believe I didn't get burnt. It is such a glorious place! xxxx

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I hadn't heard of Tune hotels before. I'm holding out hope that we might have some Marriott rewards points to use for free hotel stays this year. Staying in a hotel is so expensive!

    1. Nobody else had! Oh a Marriott would be nice, they really are and when you are sightseeing all day I don't see the point in paying alot, unless you can afford it. xxx