Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Candy Canes, Snow Globes, Swans and Glitter

Thought I would share a few Christmas snapshots from around the house. My aspiration for a candy covered pink tree came true, it was a ruddy bargain for £8 from Wilkinson's. My room now stinks of popcorn after painstakingly making a garland, the lovely did most of it though!

This snow globe I have had since I was about 8, it plays Santa Claus is Coming to Town, it can lull me into a state of dreamy nostalgia within 5 seconds of hearing it. 

The gorgeous fairy costume is for my boyfriend's niece, unfortunately they do not go up to my size, drat.

Hello little deer!

Ooh Caitlin Shearer art amongst my tree, it is a tattoo, but I want to keep it forever!

My new favourite Swan!

Because I have a black heart, home made cobweb, but it is bejewelled so fits right in.

Paper angel made by a very clever friend in work.

These cards from Sesame and Lily are gorgeous!

Are you getting excited for Christmas? I am looking forward to a week off hurray.