Friday 21 June 2013

The Tentacled Hallway

Last weekend we finally got round to adding some more personal touches to the house. We'd had two of the mirrors for a good few weeks, but were lacking a drill. We now have a drill, much to Ben's dismay as I am demanding we put holes here there and everywhere. 

This mirror we got from eBay, its so ruddy pretty. I can finally put on my lippy in the bedroom instead of hovering of the hard to reach mirror in the bathroom!

Little mirror amongst the hat collection.

My favourite accessory in the whole house, I absolutely love it. It reminds me of the amazing Adam Wallacavage's work, but without the price available on request tag. I am saving it up one day for one of his chandeliers. 

New mirror for the hallway we got last weekend for £18!

Another mirror we got last Saturday I just love the shape of it, this was only £15. Also finally got some chairs, four £5 each. I am going to sand them all down and paint them blue with a dash of gold, as I am gaudy like that. 

Finally got one of my favourite Caitlin Shearer prints up.

This is hung up in the kitchen, think Vincent Price would be chuffed being the foodie he was.

If you have any hints or tips on doing up your home do let me know! 


  1. What a truly wonderful collection of gilt framed mirrors.......the one above the fire place is a gem, the shape is stunning.
    Happiness to you V

  2. Aww it's all looking lovely sweetpea! I love the wall colours, frames and your tentacle is wonderful \^.^/ The mirrors were a bargain, so amazing to find bargains like that! I hope you have more luck in that department, but it is coming along amazing! Enjoy your weekend kitten! :) Zoë xxx

  3. It looks wonderful! The decor all has so much personality and style.

  4. I love mirrors a lot.

  5. The wall of horror collage is fantastic

  6. It's all looking so fabulous! It must be so much fun to be bringing it all together piece by piece. I love the quirkiness of the tentacle amongst all the antique mirrors. And I especially love the last photo of the tentacle - the lighting and shadows are great (and that's a lovely fanlight above your main door...).

  7. That tentacle is splendidly creepy!!! So unusual, and so you!
    I'm loving all those mirrors;I'm trying to find a third to go with 3 round ones I have, I simply can't put them up until I have an odd number! The selection of frames in the kitchen made my heart stop a minute, it's just a stunning arrangement! XXX

  8. Oh wow! That tentacle is SO amazing! Adam would definitely approve. Your house is looking so lovely. xxx