Sunday 26 January 2014

Something shady

Do you know how hard it is to find a floor lamp? Real hard, like really hard, whilst perusing eBay I found the most wonderful reproduction Victorian lampshades. I need to sell my soul or just save it to buy one, but then I need a base. This year I want to figure out how to do basic electrical wiring, please do hold me to this as it will be really useful.


  1. Went on a similar search and found a great ebay lamp. The shade took another 6 months to find. I think a great old shade is so so hard to track down. I wonder if finding the shade first is any easier.Ha!Love love your shade! You will find the perfect lamp,be patient and ebay totally rocks! XO!

    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement I shall try to be more patient hah x

  2. Oh, I love those too! And yes, not so easy to find. I have decided not to keep up Dylan's Dress as much, just focusing on my oldest blog, A Mother's Journal. I do hope you'll stop by some time! XO Lynn Dylan

  3. Wow, those shades are show-stoppingly gorgeous!!! If it wasn't for the fact that our pets would make frighteningly quick work of a shade like that, I'd be very tempted to save many a penny for one myself, too.

    ♥ Jessica