Wednesday 30 April 2014

Without love it ain't nothin but a house

Hey there lovelies, how the devil are you? This was my ensemble on Saturday, the dress is one of my absolute favourites, I purchased it from pin up parade ages ago for a pittance as it was seconds due to some shoddy sewing, (I can't move my massive Crawford shoulders freely in it and my Dolly's try and break free but besides that).The brown and leopard print hat cost me £4, it was so bent but I managed to get it on my head without looking too much like an ol' bag lady.

What did you do at the weekend? I finished painting the hall, landing and stairs a light violet, oh my what a pain to paint around picture rails. I will share pictures soon. I love our house so much but it wouldn't be a  home without Inca and Benjamin. 



  1. Beauty! Love your kitty too! X

  2. Hoorah for shoddy sewing, I find loads of fab vintage frocks the same way! You look stunning, as does the kitty and your man's luxurious beard! x

  3. "Crawford shoulders"!!!! You fox, you wear those shoulders beautifully!
    You are so right, it's love that makes a home!!! XXX

  4. OH it looks so great! I always make a beeline for the rejected items, it's surprising how few people can be bothered to mend something!