Wednesday 31 July 2013

Leave you when the summer comes a rolling

This was my ensemble for work last Thursday, we had a themed week to raise money for charity. It was supposed to be music festival, so I dressed like a Led Zeppelin groupie, in my favourite dress and vintage jacket. Inca helped me change the bed, can you see how helpful she was? Helpful by being so ruddy adorable. Sorry about the amazingly frizzy hair. 


  1. Ha, my old cat, Esmerelda, LOVED helping to make the bed...luckily my current two don't, as two would be so much crazier than one! She's SO adorable!
    Love love LOVE your leopard frock!!! And those sandals, actually..........!!! XXX

  2. So pretty! I love leopard print. I used to think it would clash with my freckles, until I started wearing it, and I LOVED the result! I know you love vintage, so if you get the change to peep at a post and help me date a dress, I would be so grateful!

    Lynn Dylan

  3. you sexy thing, come over here! :P i think the guys from led zeppelin would love you so bad! you rock this outfit in every way. ;)