Monday, 15 July 2013

What a novelty

 Many a vintage lover always gets giddy at the prospect of a novelty print dress. Well I don't really know if this dress falls into that category, but boy is it dream. I won it on eBay 9 bids in, accidentally, I might add in the loo's at work, bidding on eBay alleviate's the stress of being in work hah. It's about two sizes too big, but I like that in a vintage dress, because it's less likely I will rip it being the clumsy fool I am.
I'd messed with my hair so much this day, but ended up with my Wallis Simpson style do, I feel an affiliation towards Wallis; I'm by no stretch a stereotypically pretty girl but I do try and dress my best, most of the time!

Inca wondering why I am being such a poseur. 

New cushions from Zara, I love anything insect, bug related!

Much love from your eBay addicted trollop. 


  1. Lovely outfit! And that cushion with the insects is great, I want one too!!

    May I ask, is your cat a devon or cornish rex?

  2. I like the hair (though I did think Virginia Woolf rather then M-me Simpson)and I love blue on you!

  3. Gorgeous dress - it looks just lovely on!

  4. I love it! Looks gorgeous on you. You have a very cute kitty too!

  5. Stereotypically pretty...hmmm....Devine, gorgeous, unique,inspirational...yes!

  6. Score! It's a sweet frock, and you do such a lovely Wallis!
    Indeed, you are nothing stereotypical, just damned gorgeous!
    Inca is probably thinking about clawing at the pretty frock to get your attention!
    Love the new cushions......XXXXXXXX

  7. The outfit is lovely, and your hair instantly reminded me of Wallis before I saw what you had written. I'm loving those cushions as well. I can't find them on the website so I might go into town and see if I can find them in the shop.

  8. Missy Hannah, you look so elegant! Glamour is about much more than being classically pretty. Just for the record you are BOTH darling x

  9. Both you and your cat are so elegant!

  10. wow wow, you look gorgeous! I'm so insanely jealous. Wish I could pull this off!

  11. I love the print, and everything about the look, and you.
    You are beautifulllllllllllllll
    Much love, dear Hanna.

  12. Enchantingly beautiful dress! My goodness, do you look stunning! I love that rich, almost mysterious shade of blue with your colouring. Amazing win!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I know exactly what you mean about winning by accident. I've had that happen a few times before, too, over the years.

    *PSS* To heck with stereotypical views on beauty (believe me, I don't fall into that camp either and am woefully aware of it) - you are not just pretty, honey, you are absolutely gorgeous. I have thought so since the very first moment I discovered your blog and have only become more convinced of it with each new post.

  13. Perfection! <3
    I've always admired Wallis' style, and you have pulled it of so effortlessly here. xx

  14. AMAZING! I somehow missed this post before. That is quite the dress and you look just glorious in it! :D