Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Twas the night before Hallow's Eve

Hello ghouls and goils, as some of you maybe fully aware I adore Halloween I have done since I read the Worst Witch books when I was little. Any excuse for more escapism and I am there. With the house being upside down with improvements I have only recently put up our decorations, I plan to leave them up till Guy Fawkes!

Waitrose decorations, so pretty!

Vintage cat decoration from eBay

Inca with her munchkins and handmade cobweb

Twit twoo, birdies and bats

 What are you doing for Halloween?


  1. O, darling Inca and her ghoulish companions...! It's all looking rather lovely, and quite getting me in the mood!
    I've got a Halloween themed post to go up, but I shan't be doing anything special! But I AM going to see Richard O'Brien tomorrow night, that'll sut the theme somewhat! O, ROCKY! XXX

  2. Oh, I love the photo of Inca with the pumpkins! Are they real? Well, I assume the black one's not but, considering all the amazing different varieties I saw the other weekend (as I showed in my most recent post), I can't be so sure! My usual partner in Halloween crime is unavailable this year so I'm not sure what I'm going to end up doing, sadly... Appropriate movies and books, and appropriate colours and look in my outfits if not costumes, at least! Hope you have a wonderful night! x

  3. I love the glitter-pumpkin on the pink cabinet! xxx