Monday 22 April 2013

Time spent with cats is never wasted

On Saturday I wore a dress a lovely generous friend at work gave me, I love anything with dramatic sleeves, makes me feel very elegant and witchy. I did a faux bob which being a fickle sod stops me from reaching for the scissors, for now. Me and Inca are in the spare room, I want to get rid of the big bed and replace it with a little daybed, don't think my sisters will be too impressed as they would have no where to sleep when they stay, uumm family or more space for my shoes, decisions are hard...Also have some gorgeous dark bird print wallpaper eyed up for in here. 

Saturday consisted of charity shop hunting,  (hit the jackpot will share later this week) an ice cream parlour and Inca cuddles was rather idyllic! What did you do at the weekend?

I need to put some more holes in the wall for the rest of my hats!
Yeah I am kissing my hats, that's okay right?

Spot Inca on the top of the wardrobe!

Had to share my jewels I got for £2.98 on Saturday!


  1. You look gorgeous in that lovely dress, ultra glam made even more so by the cutie-pie little Inca on your shoulder! My kitty Nico used to do the same trick but sadly she's got too big for that now. I'm drooling over the sight of your hats.

    Do come visit me in my 30s vintage if you get the time, I'd love to know what you think...


  2. O, room for clothes and hats and cat frolics is FAR more important than somewhere for family to sleep!
    Priorities, darling!
    Love that blue frock hanging nearest the camera...mmmmm
    You look quite scrumptious, smouldering, in fact! A 30's look is perfect for you!

  3. Aww,, your new kitty is gorgeous!! The two of you look so elegant!

  4. ooh, I love that confection you are wearing. WOW, your kitty is gorgeous, too!

  5. Ah, your dress is adorable!
    And Inca is so wonderful! :)

  6. You have some fabulous hats right there!

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